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We awaken at 6am with the birds and struggle to leave our comfy bed at Old Vic but excitement looms as we head out on our tour. Our tour guide leading us to the Small Drakensberg mountain range.

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Here we welcome the stunning sights of God’s Window, Lisbon Falls, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the most awesome canyon, the world’s third largest and only growing canyon, the Blyde Canyon. Once we have experienced these stunning sights we dine at Harrie’s Pancakes, where they are famous for their truly delicious and wide selection of delectable pancakes. Sufficiently indulged we take a leisurely drive to Kruger National Park, arriving in the late afternoon we have a well-deserved catnap in the comfortable bungalow. Once refreshed we head out on an evening game drive hosted by one of Kruger’s knowledgeable rangers. On return nothing beats a true South African braai creating the perfect ambience under African skies.


We awaken in Kruger to the sounds of the animals starting their day and we head out early in time to catch some or hopefully all of the 140 mammals as well as the Big Five stretching and preparing for the new day.

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After some serious game spotting we break for a well deserved hearty brunch at one of Kruger’s beautiful picnic spots. With our delicious brunch completed, we make our way whilst spotting more animals; to the world renowned Lower Sabie Camp, which is rumored to be the top camp in the park. Once the sun has set and the dusty land has settled for the night we experience a truly South African braai under the incredibly beautiful African skies as the stars shine down, creating the most stunning ambience.


Day three we once again awaken with the call of the animals as they also begin another day. We make our way out of Kruger National Park, seeking out the various animals not yet spotted as we head towards the exit gate and begin our journey to another amazing country: Mozambique.

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Once we have completed the hustle and bustle of Border formalities (Please note that Visas are needed to visit Mozambique so please consider this when planning your holiday budget) We are welcomed to the tranquil coastal town of Bilene. The remainder of the day is filled with plenty relaxation under the sunny skies with the Indian ocean sparkling before us. Whether a sparking swim in the ocean or a leisurely walk on the golden sands of the beach are order of the day to complete this absolute splendid day, we gather for an enjoyable dinner whilst drinking in the true beauty of the beach and sea together where a perfect sunset ends a perfect day.


As the sun rises on day four and we lazily stretch and take in the salty breezy sea air as we hear the ocean murmuring in the distance we know today promises plenty of rest and relaxation on the beach.

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With a wide variety of choices – you decide what will today bring: sunbathing? Fishing? Snorkeling or a day of exploring and visiting the locals? The world is your oyster in Bilene! As the evening descends upon us with a dinner of fresh fish bought at the local market – nothing better after sun-fun filled day then a fish braai on the beach with your best mates! As tomorrow promises a hive of excitement as we head out to the city of Maputo…..


We relax and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before we pack up and leave the tranquil town of Bilene and venture into he capital city of Mozambique, Maputo where we do a bit of sight seeing in this awesome city.

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The history is plentiful in this cosmopolitan city. A must is a visit to the local market. As the sunsets and the night envelopes us, we dine out on fresh seafood in abundance that is from the fish market as we enjoy the ambience of the local Portuguese restaurants of Mozambique. After indulging on as much seafood as we can eat we party the night away at one of the local jazz clubs.


As the sea air filters through our bedrooms we stretch and start packing up as we leave the sea and head into the beautiful hills and greenery of Swaziland.

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Filled with miles and miles of natural beauty we wind up at Sonzela Game Park. Where we once again challenge our cameras to capture even better photos of the wild animals than the incredible pictures we took in Kruger. After a relaxing dinner discussing our awesome day we settle for a well deserved rest and look forward to exploring Swaziland in the morning.


As the sun rises stretches its golden rays across the beautiful green landscape known as Swaziland we check that we are wearing our most comfy shoes, that our camera’s batteries are fully charged and we set out to explore all that Swaziland is famous for.

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The history and amazing traditions that makes up their cultural village. The have to see, world renowned Candle making factory with their wide variety of candles and trinkets. Last and not least we discover the hustle and bustle of the local market – a bargain or two to be found. We enjoy a quiet restful last evening in Swaziland as we sadly reflect back over our awesome 8 Day Bush, Beach and 3 countries adventure.


After last minute checks that all our souvenirs and cameras storing all our awesome memories are safely packed away we wave goodbye to the beauty and traditions of Swaziland. Heading off to Nelspruit where you continue on your way, whether homeward bound or to another adventure.